Zoolander Heineken Commercial

Have you watched Ben Stiller’s movie called Zoolander? Well, if you’ve watched it then you’ll certainly agree with me that this scene is not included in the movie. It’s simply a Heineken commercial with none other than Derek Zoolander in it.

Like in the movie, the character portrayed by Ben is ridiculously self-absorbed and a bit cocky. Same is true in this Heineken commercial; the bartender is also dazed and confused when Mr. Zoolander, himself, ordered a beer for his mirror image. Even though Zoolander is not that attractive as a model for me (Don’t react, it’s just my own opinion!), I admire Ben Stiller’s acting skills and flair for doing the movie as well as his portrayal in this beer commercial.

Some people may be annoyed or agitated by his model antics, but it would simply pointless to fault him. He’s Zoolander, a dimwitted flashy model.

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