Vibrating Cell Phone Ad

I didn’t get it the first time; I thought something strange is happening so I played the video ad again and again just to look for any hidden messages or something is missing in these 29 seconds of a commercial. I remember something I read in a humour book that if a joke being presented to you requires an explanation in order for you to digest and laugh, then that joke probably wasn’t as effective as it is being delivered.

True enough the humour in this short ad didn’t get me the first time, and in trying to decipher it the next time the discovery doesn’t come in synonymous to amusement. The punch line was gone before a smile could smirk in any Botox laden face.

Go ahead and view it I won’t tell you what the ad is all about, let’s see if you laugh or even smile the first time around, if you did well, congratulation maybe you’re doing the same thing the woman in this ad is doing.

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