Two Guys In Love- Virgin Atlantic Commercial

Airline commercials are usually formal and straight to the point. The commercial that you are about to see is not your typical airline ad, but you will definitely love this.

Others may find the theme a bit offensive, but I think it’s very funny and brilliant. It’s not done to humiliate the homosexuals out there. What’s depicted in the commercial are two guys expressing their love for each other. It is simply the reality…no more and no less.

The song used in this commercial is entitled, “How Deep is Your Love”. It’s a cool and catchy song and just perfect for the ad. But wait, there’s a twist in the commercial! Just watch it until the end to know what I’m talking about.

One Response to “Two Guys In Love- Virgin Atlantic Commercial”

  1. José Ricardo says:

    Great commercial! Not at all offensive to homosexuals.

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