Two Classic TV Commercial Jingles

These are classic TV ads that you might have forgotten how the ad itself looked like, but you will definitely remember the song.

Always Coca-Cola

Who could ever forget this classic Coca-Cola TV ad? The ad itself is so simple. It was just pure graphics. But the best part was definitely the song, very catchy and once you heard it you would find yourself humming, too-doo-doo-doo-doot-toot-doo-doo-doot. Always Coca Cola. This song will really give you one dose of LSS (last song syndrome), and you’ll be left humming it for days.

Anyways, the song is composed and sung by Joey Diggs. See the Ad and Always Coca-Cola lyrics below.

Wherever there’s a pool,
There’s always a flirt.
Whenever there is school
There’ll always be homework.
Whenever there’s a beat,
There’s always a drum.
Coca-Cola Classic is always the one.
Wherever there’s fun there’s always Coca-Cola

The stars will always shine,
The birds will always sing.
As long as there is thirst,
There’s always the real thing.

Coca-Cola Classic is always the one.
Wherever there is fun there’s always Coca-Cola

Always Coca-Cola.

Close-Up Jingle

This TV ad came out like late 80s and early 90s in the Philippines. The Closer You and I song became the instant official Close-Up jingle. Get the copy of the Closer You and I lyrics here.

I can’t remember the video itself but I remember every word of the song. There are times though that I forget the title of the song but will surely remember the song as the Close-Up song. It seems like this song has been synonymous with the brand itself.

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  1. jaz m says:

    the girl name was preciuse hipolito, now shes the news anchor of rpn 9

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