Tayo na at maglaro – Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Commercial

Just a thought upon seeing this commercial, why would the producers and businessmen behind this kind of commercials didn’t opt for acquiring the talent of those kids who really consume their products? I mean let’s admit it these kids who act on this commercial was born with a silver spoon on their mouth and that spoon (and fork) is in no way scooping over this supposed to be “staple food” of common people. Forgive me for looking for any political reasons in this ad, but sometimes I can’t help it, it’s like Eminem performing a black man’s rap.

The main reason I can think of why this ad click to the kids is the happy tunes and all star cast of child performers coming from both side of rival network’s camp, plus the fact that the product are the common kids staple food in every Filipino working class home devoid of gourmet cuisine and other gastronomic fanfare the rich kid can afford.

Over all the ad looks promising and catchy, tunes and choreography are in perfect match with the kid’s talent. Now who would ever think of the scene where a half naked kid in a pot bellied stomach smiled over a cup of noodles?

Song English Translation

Let’s go!
Let us play play play
Lucky me! Carbohydrates for energy
Shout, let’s shout hahaha hahaha
Let’s see who can do the loudest hahaha hahaha
Let’s go and play, let’s play, let us play play
Let’s go and play, let’s play, let us play play
tag, hide and seek, hop-step and sipa
Lucky me! Lucky me! I’m so happy
Let’s go and play, let’s play
Let us play play

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