Super Bowl 2008’s Top 10 Brand Commercials

One of the most awaited events in U.S. is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL) or more popularly known as the Super Bowl. Americans, however, don’t just anticipate the football game itself, but the commercials that will appear as well.

In Super Bowl, the commercials are being aired for the first time, and these are not just some sort of commercials but high-quality, creative commercials of big products. Even though a 30-seconds of advertising costs millions of dollars in Super Bowl, advertisers still take advantage of airing their brand’s new TVC’s here because of its enormously large audience. In fact, this year’s Super Bowl (February 3) was the most watched Super Bowl ever, with a 97.5 million viewers and aired 50 minutes and 50 seconds of commercial time (Source: Neilsen’s Recap of 2008 Super Bowl Advertising).

While the game is played, 200 “influential” members of Hey! Nielsen, the new social-networking site of Nielsen Media Research, scored “each commercial on a scale from 1 (fumble) to 4 (touchdown) in real-time.” Here are the results of the survey. I found most of them funny, and ideas are simple but with great, creative execution.

10. Bud Light Cheese Ad (Rating: 3.31)

9. Bridgestone: Richard Simmons (Rating: 3.32)

8. NFL: Ephraim Salaam and Chester Pitts (Rating: 3.39)

7. Bud Light Fire Breathe (Rating: 3.41)

6. Bridgestone Animals Screaming (Rating: 3.45)

5. Pepsi: Justin Timberlake – Magnetic (Rating: 3.50)

4. FedEx – Pigeons (Rating: 3.51)

3. Diet Pepsi Max – What is Love? (Rating: 3.53)

2. Coke: Parade Balloons – It’s mine (Rating: 3.56)

1. Budweiser: Horse/Dalmatian (Rating: 3.67)

According to live polling results, famous personalities scored high among members. Budweiser was the highest ranked ad, with an average of 3.67 for its Horse/Dalmation spot…

Deeper qualitative analysis reveals that most viewers wanted something new and funny, as 62% of members said that humor influences their purchase behavior. Other qualities of an ad that motivate consumers include excitement (9%), surprise (8%) and inspiration (8%).” Source: Nielsen’s Recap of 2008 Super Bowl Advertising

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