Sunsilk Shampoo Commercial – Malaysia

I was amazed with this commercial. It’s actually the first shampoo commercial I saw wherein the hair of the model was not shown. I understood the reason behind it, and that’s what amazed me most.

At first, I was wondering how did the advertisers tried to sell the shampoo when they were not showing its effects on hair. Since I don’t understood Malaysian language, I read the comments hoping I could find the answer. Then I finally figured out that the commercial was trying to say that when a girl use Sunsilk, her inner strength or confidence would show. The girl in the commercial liked this guy, but wasn’t confident that she was beautiful to be noticed, but after using Sunsilk she glowed, and it ended up that the guy like her too.

It’s cool to find commercials like this since it respects beliefs and still able to market a product well to the target audience.

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  1. saiful says:

    it’s true what you had said..the most important value thing in that commercial was the inner beauty…

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