When One is Not Enough, Then Make a Commercial Series

Sometimes, it’s a bit frustrating when you’re in the middle of a really good show and then suddenly commercials start popping. But have you ever been hooked to a TV ad that spotting the ad again becomes a habit? What if that commercial was suddenly a series just like your ordinary soap opera with episodes and has its own villains and heroines?

Well, here’s one Filipino ad that follows the life of Marie Joyce, a simple girl from the province who went to this big house in the city. The story was very Cinderella-like, with two evil sisters bullying Marie Joyce’s hair, but viola! A super straight beautiful hair was hiding underneath her bandana.

Marie Joyce: Living from a hut, now in a mansion… I can do this.
Sister 1: Eww… Why are you here?
Sister 2: Yeah. (Why are you here?)
Sister 1: With a face like that you don’t fit to live here in Manila
Marie Joyce: I was invited by uncle, your father.
Sister 1: With your country-girl hair?? (then grabbing her bandana)
Narrator: See, however he moves her hair is smooth. So smooth that it seemed it was treated with Colagen in a salon. But it was only shampoed with Rejoice Rich
Sister 2: Hmmm.. Is that the new thing in the salon?
Narrotor: Smoother days with Rejoice.
Sister 1: You will regret this Marie Joyce.

Here’s episode 2, expecting her hair would be caught in the stems, the wicked girl with a binocular-like hair asked Marie Joyce to look for her earrings in the bushes. But thanks to Marie Joyce’s tangled free hair, looking for the earrings was no sweat. Plus a bonus, there came in a handsome man, Dennis Trillo who is a popular TV actor in the Philippines.

Sister 1: (thinking aloud “Huh… her hair will get entangled” as she drops the earring and then she said to Marie Joyce “Hey, help me find my earring.”
Marie Joyce: Okay
Narrator: Thank goodness, she also had conditioner for a hair that is tangle-free, worry-free. So make sure, your conditioner is Rejoice
Marie Joyce: Is there anything else?
Sister 1: hmp

In episode 3, red haired villain took the spotlight, wherein she was convincing herself that she could also have Marie Joyce’s super straight hair. Now that she found the miracle of hair rebonding. Could she also have the same super straight hair?

Sister 1: Impossible! How could she afford to go to a salon?
Narrator: Your hair can also be that smooth, that seemed being treated with a Colagen in a salon because the new Rejoice Rich mega twin sachet, is only 7 pesos.
Sister 1: I can also do it eh?!
Maid: Oh, she’s crazy!

Now look at Episode4, where you can see red hair girl’s hair was straight but ugh!, it’s hard as a copperwire, and here comes Marie Joyce with a super soft flowing hair. Getting not only a promo queen status but also the attention of the most handsome man that night, Dingdong Dantes, another popular Filipino actor.

Sister 1: It’s a newly rebonded hair (in a don’t touch it tone)
Sister 1: How could she afford a hair rebond treatment?
Narrator: New Rejoice Rich gives rebond’s smoothness (to your hair) and seemed treated in a salon.
Dingdong Dantes: You are my Prom Queen.

This is a series of commercials for one brand. A classic Cinderella-like story. An effective TV ad.

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