Rejoice Commercial – Vietnam

Although a little bit odd, this commercial got what it takes to be put into consideration. Imagine starting life’s journey through your hair? Isn’t it strange? Seems like the product are being squeeze in through the captivating message in a very peculiar way.

But then again the emotional factor of this ad gets it through the thick pile of shampoo ads that range from fake hairs into trying hard models in a sing-and-dance mayhem. One refreshing note to notice is the employment of not-so-cute model for a shampoo commercial. That is one good point worth noticing. Ladies out there can easily identify themselves with the real-life portrayal of the character and her life story.

If I were the producer of this ad I would let the story takes its natural course (all two minutes of it) and not spoiling it over the superficial presentation of the product itself. Yes it’s a gamble on the business side but the lasting effect it may have on the mind of the viewers (along with the shampoo product) is worth it. The cinematography is awesome.

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