Rejoice Commercial – Guy’s hand slipped

Background song: Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers
Language: I am not sure if Cantonese or Mandarin

Nice try for a laugh, but never for a classic one. Yeah sure, at first a grin from ear to ear would surface as you view this commercial but then again if you are the type of person who always seeks logical reasons even on mundane things this ad will never escape on your common sense verification. If people buy products just because ads make them laugh, well this one sold a fortune. But if people try to find logic and sense on every ad that they came about, this one is going to the drain.

As if the guy’s hand in the commercial is suffering from leprosy and his peripheral nerves were so badly affected that he can’t carry it, so much so that it slides down to the girl’s hair uncontrollably—landing on her boobs! Whoa, whoever is the Einstein behind that script really has too much time on his hand.

The production design is so cheap, inserting couple of actors to a stock video image on the background without blending the film grain is indeed one cheap act and a trying hard exploit on the part of the ad agency. Laughable but forgettable.

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