Planters Cashews – 10th Most-Recalled 2008 Super Bowl Ad

In IAG Top 10 Most-Recalled 2008 Super Bowl Ads, the ‘Unibrow’ Ad from Planters Peanuts is on the 10th spot. Why not? An ugly looking office lady getting stared at by a bunch of men around him—in the elevator, in the office, in the cafeteria, in the bus, on the street—And with the classic song “Can’t get my eyes off you” being played on the background, what can get wrong? All are perfectly combined to trigger the curiosity of the audience. What make these men stare at this ugly girl? What does she have? And to answer this question, the viewers have to pay attention to the ads to get the answer. Then finally, in the last few seconds of the commercial, viewers will see the girl putting on the scent of Planters Cashew as her perfume.

The idea behind this Ad is that Planters Cashews taste so good, therefore women who wears its scent attract men. Well, in reality it’s not practical or crazy to do it right? But since the idea gets the audience’s interest, the product will be easily recalled and they might as well buy Planters Cashews, not to make it as a perfume, but to eat them.


I found out who the girl was in the Planters Cashews Commercial. Her name is Christa Woomer.

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