F4 Asking For More (Pepsi TVCs)

You never understood a single word they sang but admit it there was a time when you went gaga over these four Chinese cuties. It all started with the super phenomenal TV series Meteor Garden . You were definitely one of those who got hooked to Jerry, Vic, Ken and Vaness—the F4.

There was a time when these four hot guys were all over TV. You watched them performed, listened to there songs (even if you don’t know Chinese), and even drank Pepsi. Well, some preferred Coke over Pepsi but with these guys on the screen who wouldn’t want Pepsi? These adverts are great examples of an effective way of using celebrity endorsers.


Jerry Yan Pepsi Commercial


Vic Zhou Pepsi Commercial


Vaness Wu’s “Fire and Ice” Pepsi Commercial with Tata Young

So…. where is Ken’s Pepsi Commercial? Did he have one?

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