Pantene TV Commercial: Riding the Telenovela Bandwagon

Wow! My jaw literally dropped when I first saw this Pantene commercial. I thought I’m watching a teaser of a new tearjerker soap opera. Imagine a commercial that runs for about 4 minutes. It’s really something.

What I like about this commercial is that it’s not pretentious at all. The stars delivered a wonderful performance. They will definitely touch your hearts. When you think about their acting, it’s simply raw and not overly thought about. What you see is what you get.

Other shampoo commercials will really focus on the model’s hair and talks about the smoothness of the hair with no tangles and all that stuff. But in this commercial, no such things happen. So, you really need to focus and wait for the commercial to end to know the real deal.

The moral of the story… Even though the girl is deaf and simple, she can still shine like Pantene. Simply stunning, huh!

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