Nike ‘Tag’ Commercial, Cannes Grand Prix Winner (2002)

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Director: Frank Budgen

Imagine everyone in the city is playing tag: taxi drivers, bus passengers, office workers, teenagers, … anyone you can think of. Interesting isn’t it?

The idea behind this Nike ‘Tag’ commercial is brilliant and simple: tag whoever buys Nike, and surprisingly everyone buys Nike. The reason for playing tag isn’t clear for us though, we have to watch the rest of the commercial to find out.

This kind of technique is only effective for commercials that are just made to reinforce the brand, and the creative team should really find an effective way to trigger the curiosity of the viewers, and to get them interested on watching the rest of the ad. For the Nike Tag Ad, Wieden + Kennedy did a great job. in fact, they won a lot of awards for this ad, including being one of the Grand Prix winners in Cannes Lions 2002. (The other winner was the Ikea Lamp commercial.)

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