Mitsubishi’s Birds and the Bees Commercial

You may have encountered or heard of the story line used in this commercial. “The birds and the bees” joke is so passé, but I think that many people still find this very funny.

If you were asked by your son or daughter this question, “Where did I come from?” What would you tell him? Before you answer, better watch this Mitsubishi commercial first.

I like the symbolism that the director used in this commercial–the road drilling, the passing of the car through a tunnel, the burst of water from the fountain, and the fireworks. It’s really fun watching this car commercial. The dad really tried his very best to explain to his son where he came from. Just wait until the end of this commercial to find out what his son’s question really means.

The song used in this commercial is “The Birds and the Bees” by Jewel Akens. Here’s the lyrics of this happy song:

Let me tell you ‘bout the birds and the bees,
and the flowers and the trees,
The moon up above, and the thing called love.

When I look into your big brown eyes,
it’s very plain to see
that it’s time you learn about the facts in life
startin’ from A to Z.

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