Mitsubishi “Easy For You To Say” Commercial

I got to say that this is one funny commercial. Mitsubishi’s tagline “Hard to say. Easy to own.” is precisely interpreted in this advertisement.

Imagine telling the postman, that the car is a Volvo, when in fact it’s a Mitsubishi. The old man declares that his son’s car is a Volvo because it’s not easy for him to pronounce “Mitsubishi”. I just don’t exactly know if the man’s difficulty to pronounce the car’s brand is due to the fact that he’s Swedish (not really sure if he’s Swedish, though) or because of his dentures.

Have you seen the ending of this commercial? Well, better watch it…because practice definitely makes perfect!

One Response to “Mitsubishi “Easy For You To Say” Commercial”

  1. Cons says:

    Ajup, the language spoken in the ad is Swedish.
    Nice ad all the same! :)

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