Miller High Life 1-Second Ad in 2009 Super Bowl

It was reported that Miller High Life is airing a one-second ad in Super Bowl 43 featuring one of their delivery man. The company thinks that a $100,000 worth of one-second ad is more than enough to reach their market than a $3 million worth of a 30-second commercial. The controversial ad may not air on certain countries though, thus watching it on site is helpful on the day of the big event if you think you have missed it.

Despite the buzz the unique ad creates in the media, I am still not sure how can a one-second ad would stick to the minds of the Super Bowl audience. It could really be something since its competitor, Bud Light, is the exclusive beer of the Super Bowl, and has always feature remarkable ads that really stuck during the game. And they need to beat that. This cleaver idea is a product of Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency.

While waiting what the winning one-second ad that made it into the game this Sunday, take a look on these few one-second ads that weren’t chosen, and a few outtakes. I like the part when he said “High Life” that sounded Bud Light, and the part when he barked.  



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