Mercedes Benz “Dreams” Commercial

Watching this Mercedes Benz commercial is really refreshing. It is not an ordinary car commercial where you would notice the great features of a car. Here, you would experience some kind of a magical aura with great choice of music and amazing idea.

It simply started out with a nice looking car at nighttime in the middle of nowhere when suddenly, it stopped. Then, a lady in red was forced to get out of that cool car, followed by a monster, some mythical characters, two sexy nurses, and a goat.

The only word said in the commercial was “Jerk”, referring to the driver. I find this commercial interesting yet subtle. No fancy words describing the car, what it can do, or any new features. There are just captions which read, “Dreams will have to wait. The new E-Class with ATTENTION ASSIST keeps its driver awake and alert.”

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  1. everyone would love to have a mercedez benz car, geez those are meredes benz cars are my dream car ,-:

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