McDonalds ‘Recital’ Commercial – Circa 1986

I love this Ad from McDonalds featuring a little girl playing Fur Elise on her recital—I was still a baby though when this was released in US. The girl was scared to play the piano in front of everybody but her father bribed her that they would go to McDonalds after. So, the little girl went to the stage to play the piece, but she was singing a song at the back of her head:

Oh I wish I were already there, instead of here, playing this song
Oh I would have a big chocolate shake, a cheeseburger,
and also whooppss…and also fries
And I would eat the fries myself, and not give any to my dumb brother
Hands off they’re mine all mine
Oh boy my recital is almost done, it wasn’t bad, I’m still alive
And now I can have my chocolate shake, my cheeseburger,
and also whoopss.. and also fries

Just viewing this Ad for the first time in Youtube, I knew it had strongly attracted its market when this was still played on television. The popular piano piece. The catchy song. The cute little girl. All perfect to get the attention of not just kids, but everybody.

2 Responses to “McDonalds ‘Recital’ Commercial – Circa 1986”

  1. Susie says:

    That was my favorite commercial when I was young. I am reminded of that commercial every time I hear that song.

  2. Elle says:

    I was a tween when this came out and I still always think of this commercial when I hear this song. I stopped whatever I was doing to watch it whenever it came on.

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