McDonald’s I’ll Do Anything For Love Commercial

Agency: DDB

Country: Egypt

I love this commercial. The video and choice of song are perfect. The message is clear, that he’ll do anything: get the rose that fell in the sea, go with her when she goes shopping, and push her car, except for one thing–sharing his McDonald’s combo meal. He won’t do that. Anyways, the song is originally sung by Meat Loaf, and the title is “I’ll do anything for love (But I won’t do that)“.

Lyrics of the song in this TV Ad

And I would do anything for love, I’d run right into hell and back
I would do anything for love, I’ll never lie to you and that’s a fact

no no no no….I won’t do

I would do anything for love
Anything you’ve been dreaming of
But I just won’t do that…

No I won’t do that

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