Kering Keri – Kim Chiu’s Rejoice MTV Commercial

The anorexic beauty of Kim Chui seems fitted on this commercial in a High School Musical TV show tradition. Imagine a bulimic teenager with such a healthy hair strutting around the audition in a “kering-keri” fashion. Yup the ad message had posh undertones in it as it tries to impart values of determination in achieving a goal.

The advertisement is successful in its own right, trying to squeeze in all the elements a good commercial has is quite a feat. You will notice right away the feeling that the writer and the director tries to impart, in short they pour in all the best their creativity can muster. It may fall short to expectations but they did their best, and it’s effective.

For all you who noticed the lack of characterization on Kim’s “probinsyana” look, well this ain’t a movie, people bug off! An ad like these sometimes deserves applause for the sake of values it imparts.

Song Lyrics:

Sa simula lang mahirap
Matutupad din ang iyong pangarap
Mangarap ka’t matutupad
Maniwala ka lang
(Kering keri mo to)

Kahit sino ka man
Kahit nasan ka man
Ang pagsubok nandiyan
Kasama yan sa ‘ting buhay
Para rin magkakulay
Subukan man ang mundo
Mangingibabaw ako
Magtiwala kayo
Sa simula lang mahirap
Samahan lang ng pangarap

At kahit anong gawin ay kering-keri ko pa rin
Kahit anong gusot, magiging smooth ahaha..

Kering keri susunod sa aking galaw
Kering keri laging nangingibabaw
Kering keri susunod sa aking galaw
Kering keri laging nangingibabaw
Kering keri, kering keri ko

Kahit anong dumating
Kaya tong harapin, kaya kong abutin
Kering keri subukan
Suntok sa buwan tatamaan
Kahit saan magpunta
Napupuna na nila na iba ang ganda
Sa rejoice ko nakita
Sa rejoice lumigaya

Song English Translation

It’s only at first that it is difficult
Your dream will be achieved
Dream on and it will be achieved
Just believe it
(You can carry it)

Whoever you are
Wherever you are
Challenges are there
It’s part of our lives
For it to be colorful
Even to challenge the world
I can stand out
Just trust it
It’s only at the start that it is difficult
Just go on with a dream

Whatever I do, I still can carry it
Whatever the challenge is, it will run smooth, ahaha

Kering keri it will follow my moves (kering keri comes from the English word carry)
Kering keri it will always stand out
Kering keri it will follow my moves
Kering keri it will always stand out
Kering keri, kering keri ko

Whatever that will come to me
I can face it, I can achieve it
I can try it
Even if it is impossible, I can hit it
Wherever I go
They can notice the beauty is different
In Rejoice I see
In Rejoice I feel happy

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