‘Karen’ – A classic McDonald’s Commercial in the Philippines

McDonalds indeed managed to touch the core of Filipinos through this commercial. In the Philippines, locals are known for the high value they place on family ties, and usually ads in this country show it. And although in this particular McDonald’s commercial, showing strong family ties did not typically involve the parent-offspring match up, it managed to show how Filipinos take care of their elders.

Karen went to McDonald’s with her lolo (grandfather). She just ordered burger and fries, and caught her lolo singing while waiting for her in the table. While Karen is giving the burger to her lolo, her lolo kept on calling her Gina, which irritated Karen on the second time she was called Gina.

It turned out though, that even if Lolo could not remember that it was Karen not Gina in front of him, he was able to make Karen feel good when he told her to give half of his burger to his favorite grandchild, named Karen.

Video Transcription:

(Lolo is singing a filipino folk song.)

Karen: Lo, here it is.
Lolo: Where have you been Gina?
Karen: Lo, it is Karen (not Gina).
Lolo: Because it had been a long time since we’ve met. There, eat now.
Karen: (iritated) It is Karen (not Gina).
Lolo: This one, is for my favorite granddaugter, Karen.

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  1. christine says:

    wla b diyang tagalog

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