Jennifer Aniston Heineken Ad

If you would ask guys to choose between a beer and a beautiful and sexy woman, most of them would certainly answer—beautiful and sexy woman!

You may think that men adore women more than anything in this world. Well, this is not true after all. Not all men will choose a woman. Take this guy in this Heineken commercial for instance.  Even Jennifer Aniston, a sexy, friendly, adorable and popular actress was ditched by a guy for some beer.  Many of you will react against the guy being a jerk or a gay. Oh well, maybe he has a lovely girlfriend or a wife that he may want to share the Heineken with.

One thing that I like about this beer commercial is its humor and use of a catchy song, Happy Together by The Turtles. It’s such a feel good ad that you may want to see over and over again or sing along with such a happy song.

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