JBS Mens Underwear Commercial

This is one great ad I had ever seen. Though implied, the copy “men don’t want to look at naked men” pushes a great deal on this ad. Of course, that underwear is for men but to be effective in a sarcastic way the ad otherwise let a sexy woman wear it but and still maintains the innate “values” of men intact.

The ad is so simple yet so effective, kind of let you think with giggles, not because there is a half naked woman wearing men’s underwear but the way it is being represented realistically. Sadly, this ad will never get to see the light of day in most hypocritically censored-ruled country like Philippines given the fact that the intention of the ad is not sexual in nature but political instead.

2 Responses to “JBS Mens Underwear Commercial”

  1. Neon Light : says:

    mens underweare should be as comfortable as possible because men always engages in a lot of physical work;’*

  2. Transistor says:

    mens underwear that is polyester based is the stuff i love to wear, polyester does not stain that much compared to cotton :;;

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