The Ikea “Lamp” TV Commercial, 2002

Ad Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Miami, Florida

This Ikea “Lamp” commercial was one of the Grand Prix Winners in Cannes Lions 2002 (the other winner was Nike’s Tag tv ad).

When I first saw this Ad in Youtube, I really felt bad for the lamp being thrown away intensified by the sad background music, the cold weather, the rain, and the owner had a new one. “But what’s precious with that lamp?” I suddenly asked myself. Then a guy came in and said, “Many of you feel bad for this lamp. That is because you are crazy. It has no feelings. And the new one is much better.”

Yeah!!! Crazy.

But what’s the idea behind this ad? According to a news story I read earlier, “the Ikea Lamp ad pokes fun at Americans’ difficulty in parting with hand-me-down furniture.” And for that I should say the ad was indeed effective for targeting the emotions of the viewers and correcting their ideas by having the guy tell them straight to their face.

However, I think Ikea was just trying to tell the viewers, it is okay to buy new furnitures now and then, and that means more sales for us. Don’t hesitate throwing the old ones. Most ads are made for that reasons anyways, to instill to the minds of the viewers the they need something, and reinforce that need.

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