Ikea’s Tidy Up Commercials

Ikea’s commercials always amuse me with their ingenuity like the commercials in their Tidy Up campaign that was launched in 2001. The target audience was the people who don’t keep their houses clean or left their things disorganized. So, Ikea’s strategy was to show them what would happen if they don’t clean or keep things neat and order inside their house, and reminded them “if not for yourself, at least for others”.

One incident shown was extreme though, and a couple were somehow naughty that’s why some claimed these commercials were banned (I guess in some countries). You’ll be able to figure out which is which after watching all the five tidy up commercials below.

1. Spaghetti – A couple were trying to be romantic by eating spaghetti with their mouth, and kiss afterwards. However, the girlfriend was eating something else.

2. The Fork – A reminder to keep things in their proper places or else you’ll regret it.

3. Child’s Playing a Special Toy – Moms should make sure their child is playing toys meant for children and not a toy meant for her.

4. The Robot – Be careful with your toy robot and it might hit something else

5. In the Laundry Basket – I think this is the messiest place. How could someone misplace such a precious one?

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