Honda’s 2008 Ad – “Problem Playground”

Advertising Agency: Wieden and Kennedy

Honda never fails to give us amazing commercials like the Honda Accord Cog in 2002, and the Honda Choir FX in 2006 (which I still haven’t blogged). Now, they have this advert entitled “Problem Playground“.

The advert’s opening is a nerdy looking guy solving a Rubik’s cube, then more people come in taking their own Rubrik cube to solve. Then they pile the solved Rubrik’s to creatively illustrate the word hybrid and a machine. Then the people move out to solve giant puzzle pieces which turn out to be a house with a solar panel I think (the blue one). This could be their way to illustrate in Honda they care about the environment.

While waiting for the next puzzle to solve, the Honda employees are busy playing in the cafe, until they are asked to move out and build a Honda FCX Clarity with big 3D puzzle pieces. And lastly the Honda logo.

Generally, the advert tells that Honda enjoys thinking how to build cars that are environmentally friendly. To read more about Honda’s campaign read here.

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