Hello You – Coca Cola Light Commercial

Just another mundane advertisement from the giant. For one thing Coca-cola didn’t insist in the- would-be-benefits of their “light” soda in this commercial. They did not even specifically points out to which the ads are directed for, the target audience and the demographic distribution.

The employment of supermodel look-a-like in this commercial makes this more alienated from its product, I don’t think those supermodels drink coke light at all in real life. In trying to make fun, synonymous to the “light” atmosphere, the ad falls flat on its face trying to tickle a funny bone.

Take out the catchy music and this ad will make you yawn into oblivion. Nothing much, nothing fancy just a forgettable ad after all.

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  1. Lan Tester says:

    i have so many funny bones in myself that is why i would love to be a comedian ‘,*


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