Heaven Can Wait, Belt Up TV Commercial

Powerful yet scary. No wonder this ad won eight awards in Cannes. The team who made this ad deserves such award. In a 45-second commercial, they manage to squeeze in a tight and relevant topic of safety and death. A topic that would spell disaster to an uncreative hands.

I mostly like the way the car bump into a tree. They managed to convey that without showing the car and the graphic display of the terrible accident. The computer graphic effects of the spirit getting out of the body is just awesome, as well as the chant music that goes with it. The color and the ambience of the ad are chilling but subtle. All these things done in a slow motion effect that makes every audience stare in a wide-eyed manner. Pretty awesome

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  1. Tineke says:

    Who is the author of the song in this commercial ?

    Tineke Vermaning

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