Harmony- 2010 Toyota Prius Commercial

One of the most eye-catching commercials of 2010 that I’ve watched so far is the 2010 Toyota Prius “Harmony” commercial. It’s a colorful TV ad with the use of a happy tune as well.

The concept behind this commercial is the harmony of people, nature, and machine. The use of people as landscape architecture such as the grass, flowers, trees, water, butterflies, etc. is so clever and fun. The way that this commercial was executed really captured the concept perfectly. It’s like the director is creating a world that does not exist but has some sort of realism involved between the interactions of people, nature, and machines.

Making this type of commercial requires formidable amount of time, effort, and resources. Just take a look at the casting, choreography, and special effects necessary to come up with this brilliant artwork.

Another thing that I like about this commercial is the choice of music. It’s “Let Your Love Flow” performed by Petra Haden. It’s a cool song as well as a suitable and powerful tune to catch the viewer’s mind and soul.

People behind this commercial:

John Toon: Director of Photography

Kennedy Taylor: 1st Asst. Director

Alyx Duncan: Choreographer

Andrew Christou: Creative Director

Charlotte 90: Casting/Choreography

Penelope Essoyan: Director’s Assitant

Kristy Cameron & Bob Buck: Costumes

Mr. Hide: Director

Jennifer Pearse: Senior Producer

David Weaver: Production Coordinator

Stephen Dickstein, Susan Rued Anderson: Executive Producers

Perceptual Engineering / Fin Design / Brickyard: Special Effects

The Sweet Shop, Los Angeles: Production Co.

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  1. Staci Collins says:


    We are from Visalia, California and are interested in speaking with kristie Cameron and/or Bob Buck regarding the flower costumes used in this commercial. Is there anyway I can get the info to connect with them?

    Thank you,
    Staci Collins
    Visalia First Assembly of God
    Visalia, CA

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