Go Daddy – YourBigIdea.CO Super Bowl Commercial

WIFE IN USA – Hey Joe! When are you ever gonna put your idea online?
HUSBAND IN USA – Relax Kel, it’s not like anyone else is gonna have…
HUSBAND IN INDIA – … the exact same … HUSBAND IN ENGLAND – … idea that popped … HUSBAND IN AFRICA – … into my head.
WIFE IN CHINA – How you know … WIFE IN USA – … no one else … WIFE IN INDIA – … has thought … WIFE IN ENGLAND – … of it Harry?
HUSBAND IN USA – Because they haven’t, Kelly!
HUSBAND IN INDIA – It’s totally original.
HUSBAND IN CHINA – It’s one in a gazillion.
WIFE IN INDIA – Oh really…
HUSBAND IN USA – It’s idiot-proof.
HUSBAND IN INDIA – It’s a real money-maker.
GODADDY.CO CUSTOMER – And thank goodness I put it online first.
FLIGHT ATTENDANT – More champagne sir?
GODADDY.CO CUSTOMER – More everything, Sky Waitress!
Everyone laughs
Danica Patrick laughs
ANNOUNCER – Don’t wait! Your big idea will take off with a Dot CO domain at Go Daddy.

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