Go Daddy Super Bowl 2009 Commercial

Go Daddy has an interesting strategy to market their domain registration, and web hosting service. Their commercials are sexually appealing I say, which is a big reason why the TV network airing Super Bowl, would deny most of Go Daddy’s initial TV commercial submissions, like their “Exposure” commercial in 2008 Super Bowl. It ended up unapproved and was just shown online.

So, for Super Bowl XLIII, what does Go Daddy in store for us? The commercials they’ve submitted are actually up for voting in their website: http://www.godaddy.com/.

Both commercials feature their sexy model, Danica Patrick, an auto-racing driver.

In the first TV ad, entitled “Baseball”, Danica was talking about that she’s got ‘enhanced’, while in the second TV ad, entitled “Shower”, Danica was taking her fifth shower. Well, I’ll not be detailed about it, just check them out, and let’s watch which Go Daddy commercial will be up in the Super Bowl 2009, this February 1st.

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