GM Robot – Super Bowl 2007 Commercial

Just like the Ikea Lamp commercial, this 2007 ad for General Motors made me feel bad for an inanimate object.

The GM robot was fired after making a mistake in his work. So the robot applied for other jobs but all left him unsatisfied, so he decided to commit suicide. Luckily, everything was just the robot’s nightmare.

Making viewers symphatize with a lifeless object is such a creative feat. Thus, I would like to commend the people behind this GM robot commercial. They did a great job–choosing the “All by myself” song, getting the right shots, and ending it with a waking-up-from-a-bad-dream scene, just to tell the viewers and GM customers that in General Motors they manufacture high-quality cars.

I had read some comments though that the commercial was an irony since General Motors employees went on strike last September 2426 2007.

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