Funny Sexy Lady Thai Commercial

I definitely laugh upon watching this Thai commercial of a sexy girl. I didn’t expect the ending to happen that way.

The commercial is about a sexy lady in a tight and short dress strutting her stuff inside an office building. Of course, all eyes, especially of men, followed the sexy lady until she closes the elevator. Then, when she couldn’t take it anymore, she breathe out and exposed her true self…having a fat belly.

Just watch the girl’s reaction. She’s really funny. I guess, she should eat low fat tuna more often to get back in shape.

One Response to “Funny Sexy Lady Thai Commercial”

  1. Dadd says:

    Nice ad, yes. Thanks for citing it.
    But, please, next time, would you not spoil the ending in your text on these?
    You could have omitted the entire sentence of “Then, when she …” and not have lost anything in the point you are making, without giving it all away!

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