First McDonalds TV Ad with Ronald McDonalds

Wow! This is my first time to see this commercial. I agree to all those who commented in YouTube, Ronald McDonalds is creepy…. Thank goodness they have changed the clown’s costume, and technology got better decades after this commercial.

But in fairness, I found myself singing the jingle, “He’s Ronald Mcdonalds, the hamburger happy clown…” and McDonalds is my favorite place in town. lol

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  1. Kimberley says:

    The actor playing Ronald Mcdonald (no s in the name) is Willard Scott he was the main weather man on the Today show in America for many years. He is pretty much in retirement nowadays but he still does a segment spotlighting birthdays of people that are at ages like 100yrs on the show now instead of doing the weather

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