Expose Explore Experience: Nido Commercial in the Philippines

Cute commercial with good values too, letting kids be kids for once is a refreshing sight apart from those stereotypical adverts of kids that tries to emulate mature acting. This is also a well-thought of combination of emotion, talent and good technical skills for the ad company as well as providing a catchy copy for the memory retention among the consumers.

In a world where nannies and TVs became the surrogate mother of a child, it is always a welcome sight to have a product that supports a child to behave in a child-like manner, where touching a soil in bare hands proves to be fun after all, and soaking wet in a rain with a friend is much fun than playing a computer game.

The message is clear in this ad, the support that NIDO gave to the health of the children renders them immune to natural diseases thus enjoying what a normal kids should get pleasure from. I love the experiential benefit of this ad.

7 Responses to “Expose Explore Experience: Nido Commercial in the Philippines”

  1. Kewol says:

    wow… NIDO has its taste in creating commercials for kids. They are remembered especially by kids… for intance, my 11-month old son would always turn to the television no matter how busy he is whenever he hears Sharon Cuneta’s daughter sings, “Look at me, Mom!” by NIDO of course.

  2. silentwillow says:

    I like that video too. Do you happen to know what are the names of these kids? They are so cute!

  3. hAZELiAN says:

    the girl who played in the rain is the famous teenstar today Barbie Forteza of Pilyang kerubin and First Time…i dont know the names of two children..

  4. ritsuki says:

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  5. Marlynn Sacro says:

    i want my son to apply for commercial model, my son is 6yrs old.

  6. Angel Jasmine Patapat says:

    I really love Nido,Im 9 years old from Antipolo City .I want to apply for commercial model,thanks!

  7. Martinah Krisanta L. Flores says:

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