E*TRADE Baby Bought Stock – 3rd Most-Recalled 2008 Super Bowl Ads

In IAG Top 10 Most-Recalled 2008 Super Bowl Ads, this E*TRADE Ad featuring a talking baby was on the 3rd spot. The Ad perfectly expressed the company’s “tireless effort to challenge the old ways of doing business” by showing it is easy to buy stocks online since a baby can do it. With the use of E*TRADE of course.

The commercial offered the solution to a problem—most people are hesitant to invest in the market because of their young age. But these people really don’t need to worry because anyone can buy stocks, even if they are as young as a baby, which of course was just an exaggeration.

I love the baby’s facial expression when he said, “I just bought stock, you just saw me buy stock” and of course when he threw up and said “whooah”. Really funny. Such commercials are easily remembered and worth talking about with your friends.

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