E*Trade Talking Baby is Back in Super Bowl 2009

One of my favorite Super Bowl Ads last year was the ad from E-Trade featuring this cute little baby who just bought stock, and vommited. Whenever I re-watch the commercial, I can’t keep myself laughing. That’s why when I found out that the trading baby is back on the next Super Bowl commercial, I can’t wait to see it.

Does he have an opinion on the people’s financial suffering? This recession? Could he free the people? Let’s see. 

E-trade baby is not just talking now, he also does social networking. He has his own Facebook fan page, and a Twitter account. We can also get a sneak peak on exclusive footages that won’t be seen on the main Super Bowl this year. The girlfriend question is my favorite part on these outtakes. Video is taken from E-Trade’s Official YouTube channel.



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