Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty

Evolution Film
Agency Creative Team:T Piper & M Kirkland

Most girls, women, ladies…the females from all ages carry a distorted perception of beauty. As I watch the video below, showing different girls who have low self-esteems for not being beautiful enough–as defined by the modern world today, I realized I just had a teary eye. Maybe because I once thought or I am thinking the same way as these other girls do.

For a commercial, the video uplifts the self-esteem of whoever watches it and make them want to buy and use Dove, a soap that would highlight their natural beauty. The emotions presented, the copy, the song ‘True Colors’–all present the Dove’s campaign For Real Beauty excellently. There’s another version for this video though, shown below, wherein the singer is an adult. However, I found the video with the kid singing, more effective despite the different market they are targeting. I believe there is still a little girl in every woman’s heart.

A version featuring Layah Jane’s voice


Asian Version

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