Diet Pepsi Max’s What Is Love? – 7th Most-Recalled Super Bowl 2008 Ad

In IAG Top 10 Most-Recalled 2008 Super Bowl Ads, the nodding people of Diet Pepsi’s ad is on the 7th spot. Its high recall among the viewers should be credited to the famous Haddaway’s song, “What Is Love?” and its parody of the Saturday Night Live sketch’s “A Night at the Roxbury.”

And because of the continuous showing of sleepy heads with the upbeat song in the background, this Ad was successful in telling to the viewers Pepsi’s message—that when they feel sleepy, all they have to do is drink the new Diet Pepsi Max which has Ginseng, and more caffeine. And they will surely move their heads like these people, well…. I mean they will be energetic again.

Watching the commercial, I could relate to this nodding people. I often have a sleepy head in public, and several times I had hit my sleepy head on the bus’s window pane. It hurt and to avoid the embarrassment in case someone noticed me, I just smiled as if nothing happened. I guess I have to bring Diet Pepsi Max now wherever I go. 😛

Below are different videos related to this Diet Pepsi Max commercial:

The Saturday Night Live’s Sketch featuring Jim Carrey and 2 other men I am not familiar of.


Haddaway’s Music Video of his ‘What is Love’ song.


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  1. Wendy says:

    I feel your pain of nodding off in public, I fear that when I am riding the train in the morning to work I am going to nod off and rest my head on the shoulder of the passenger next to me. That would be hysterical, right! It’s not like I can bring my coffee on the train though – I think drinking Diet Pepsi Max in the morning will help, at least it is easy to drink on the train and will give me the caffeine I need! Great video’s, love the commercial and the SNL skit!


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