Creepy Father T-Mobile Commercial

When I saw this MyFaves from T-Mobile ad, I was laughing so hard. It’s so good and funny that it’s already included in my my fave commercials of all time.

The plot of this TV ad is very simple. It’s about a father having a serious talk with his daughter’s date one night. Well, you can say that this is a standard scenario when the daughter is still getting ready for the date. The father or mother or even both parents will have to entertain the date to get to know him better.

But, there’s something odd about the conversation. It’s about the father and the date’s inclusion to the daughter’s MyFaves T-Mobile  phone.  If you were in the boy’s shoes, you would also think that the father is a little creepy or paranoid with all the unusual stuff he’s saying. Well, who could blame the father? If you have a daughter, you would do anything to protect your child…even scare your daughter’s date.

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