7 Versions of Coke’s “For Everyone” Commercial

The Coke Mismo Ad

When Coke’s Mismo Ad was launched in the Philippines, I thought the concept came from a local ad agency. However, after attending a seminar about Advertisements last 2005, where they showed the most effective commercials worldwide, there I saw for the first time where the concept came from.

The Coke Mismo Ad was just a Philippine version of Argentina’s “For Everyone” coke Ad. And the ad agency who created it is the McCann-Erickson Worldwide in Argentina. I think the ad became a Film Silver winner of Cannes Lions 2002 because of the great concept, originality and simplicity, touching the hearts of the audience and coke lovers in particular.

Argentina’s ‘For Everyone’ Coca Cola Ad

The following 5 videos are versions of the Argentina’s For Everyone Coke Commercial, all in different languages. Among these videos, the Norwegian version is what I like most because of its upbeat song.

English Version


Norwegian Version


Russian Version


Malaysian Version


Bulgarian Version

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