Coca-Cola Bird’s Nest – Commercial Olympics 2008

Cute animated birds in a colourful fashion make this advertisement lively. Not to mention the engaging upbeat music that goes with it. But to put logic in an otherwise irrational set of flickering adverts, I don’t think birds go for plastic straw in building their nests, Straw (at least what I think of) is the most useless invention man ever mustered their brain of. For the purpose of what?—allows you to smile while drinking or to manage a gibberish while sipping at the expense of non biodegradable trash in a mass proportion.

The Olympic event in this ad seems like a hard selling feature only, loosely connected as the birds to the straw and to the product itself. It would look much better if the advertising company behind this ad resort into using the Coca-cola bottle (not the straw) for a much worthwhile use, say as a sealed letter container drifting across the ocean with a message for the world, what do you think?

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