Coca Cola Beat Commercial – Coke ko to!

This Coke Beat became a hit in the Philippines when I was still in 1st year College, I remember some of my friends were competing like these two college girls. These two college girls are fighting over the coke in the table; what they did was, they sang this Coke beat and whoever would not miss a single action gets the coke.

This jingle got really famous and as you can see I have the tutorial video for the actions below the post. It is just kinda hard to translate the song because it will be long awkward English phrases, but I will translate it still.

Ito ang beat sabay sabay
Ito and beat bawal sablay
Pabilis ng pabilis
Wag mag-mimiss Wag magmi-miss
Gets mo na? Gets mo na?
Ang Ahhhhhh…
Nalilito, nalilito
Nahihilo, nahihilo
Coke ko to! Coke ko to! Coke ko to! Coke ko to!

Girl who lost the game: No, that’s my coke. Let’s do it again please…

Lyrics Translation:
This is the beat, let’s sing together
This is the beat, don’t you miss (an action/move)
It’s getting faster, and faster
So don’t you miss, don’t you miss
Did you get it? Did you get it?
The Aahhhhh…
Coca Cola
Getting confused, getting confused
Getting dizzy, getting dizzy
This is my coke! This is my coke! This is my coke! This is my coke!


10 Responses to “Coca Cola Beat Commercial – Coke ko to!”

  1. nichole says:

    wla bang slow motion

  2. ♔♥♥♔grabeh!! so nyc!!..sana e advrtyx 2 ulit!!..mor pwer COKE!!..jejejej..♔♥♥♔

    ♔♥♥♔paki slow motion naman♔♥♥♔


    ♔♥♥♔d q talaga kaya!♔♥♥♔


  3. ♫pAno bA 2 e uPlwD xa pC???♫

  4. jessie pagilnawan says:

    cnu ang dalawang gilr sa comercial na ito?

  5. rodel lipon says:

    hey! totoo ba ang napabalita na, isa sa kanila ay ni-rape at pinatay??
    please answer!!

  6. shiena says:

    tnx at magagamit ko ito sa sa project ko haha :))

  7. ernan76 says:

    what is the name of this two cute ladies in this commercial

  8. Vanessa1224 says:

    Ang tagal na parang kahapon lang Grade 2 palang ako noon eh.

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