‘Children See, Children Do’ TV Advert in Australia

This is a harrowing tale of contemporary dilemma in a thirty second commercial from Child Friendly of Australia. The very essence of the ad is true today, children acts the way they see it in adults, and adults act the way they do depending on their childhood experience. It is an endless cycle of violence and apathy that would end up the world in chaos. The ad is effective in conveying the message and its effect in a dramatic and touching way where emotion is always a good vehicle to impart significance in advertisement.

The music the ads use is also effective in adding up the feeling needed, where narration lacks the music score fills. One thing that I would think will complete the message though is making the cast of the ad more universal. Casting in different nationality and in different locations would make it feel more like collective, that I think its theme is. This is a very effective social relevant advertisement.

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