“Castaway” – World’s Funniest Commercial

This “Castaway” commercial is from Leo’s Pizza. I think that the commercial wanted to depict something funny. But, I don’t find this ad funny at all. This should be categorized as the “World’s Lamest Commercial” not “World’s Funniest Commercial.”

Okay, the commercial used a fat man to be the one stranded in an island. So what?

He found a cell phone, ordered pizza, and waited for the pizza to arrive. Where did he get the money to pay for the pizza? Where’s the realism here? Honestly speaking, I’m lost and very disappointed while watching this commercial. It’s not pleasing to the eyes. It’s not funny. It’s not artistically done. No creativity… So what’s the positive note about this commercial? Can anyone enlighten me, please???

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  1. bhavana says:

    haha.. this ad should have been the best one for the mobile he used.. in spite of being in such an isolated island.. he got d network to make the calls :)

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