Carlton Draught’s “The Big Ad”

Agency: George Patterson and Partners (Young & Rubicam)
Country: Australia

It’s massive. Carlton Draught subliminally injects a message on the minds of the viewer here and it is the phrase “we are big!”. Whether we like it or not, when we view advertisement of this kind, it makes us think of an enormous production preparation that is much like of an epic battle in huge proportion–reflective of the company. That’s why Carlton Draught made it clear in this ad that people will buy their beer because they are big and strong. And who wouldn’t want a strong product?

Carlton Draught presented the commercial in a not-so-serious way and very effective indeed. The used of a popular epic theme song replaced with dumb but funny lyrics made the rather heavy mood of a gigantic proportion seemed light. It doesn’t matter now, for the viewers, if the commercial is computer generated or not, the “big” feel is there. It’s artistic, funny, and effective.

Anyways, here are the lyrics:

It’s a big ad.
Very big ad.
It’s a big ad we’re in.
It’s a big ad,
My God it’s big!
Can’t believe how big it is!
It’s a big ad!
For Carlton Draught!
It’s just so freak…ing HUGE!
It’s a big ad.
Expensive ad!
This ad better sell some bloooooody beer!

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