CareerBuilder Superbowl Commercial 2010

Last year’s CareerBuilder ad for the Super Bowl was one of our favorites here in TVAdsView. This year, CareerBuilder is up again for another great commercial and they asked their readers to come up with it. After the votes were counted, they finally have a set of three, but which among these will appear in television during the big game.

a.) Will it be the “Casual Friday”?

Will this exist in real life? I don’t think so.But I am sure a lot of people wish this can happen 😛

b.) Does “Job Fairy” have a chance?

The idea of  having a fairy able to switch you for a job that suits you and unstuck you from an unhappy job is nice to think about, but it seems boring at the end watching the commercial. But it surely hits the reality that not all people love their job and want to build a career they will be passionate about everyday.

c.) Labeled as “Too Hot For TV”, this can be the “Worst Seat”?

Boredom in the job can make you come up with hilarious or say silly ideas that even your boss might agree with.

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