Themes in TV Commercials

I attended in 2006, the Student Advertising Congress in the Philippines. I was in my senior year in College. The event was great because I learned a lot of things about advertising. And here is one of them.

This is actually about 100 Best Commercials, shared by Raymond Arrastia, the Deputy Managing Director of Leo Burnett. (I don’t know if he is still in that position now.) Arrastia categorized the 100 Ads by themes. I enjoyed his presentation so I decided to use these themes in this website. But the commercials I have compiled under these themes though are not the same commercials that Arrastia have shown us during his presentation, and these commercials are categorized on my own point of view.

1. Art Presentation

2. Music power to attract attention

3. Lips Service

4. Dreamscapes

5. Blockbusters

6. Less is Warm

7. Love is in the Air

8. Baby it’s You

9. Animal Magnetism

10. Real Characters

11. Killer Comedy

12. Soft Touch and Hard Sell

13. Use of Parody


I guess I got lazy writing all the themes as I was watching his presentation because this is all I have listed. But I think this list will be enough for now. And in case I have violated the Intellectual Property Rights of the person and company mentioned, let me know.