Burger King, Whopper Freakout Commercial Review

Yes as the title suggest—it’s a freak out. Probably because people are get used to eating such food that their taste bud develops an intense partiality to the taste, and the revocation to such “addiction” could met a reprisal. The idea behind the commercial is good. The Burger Kings make use of a “prank” as a means of conveying a message to consumers that their Whopper is indeed part of people’s necessities and a number would definitely fight for it while others would mourn for the loss of it.

Although there are some shades of misconstrued impression in the ad, the utilization of “actual customers on hidden camera” may have convinced the sceptics in me but then again i never saw an ad in my entire life that boasts anything that may destroy their product. True footages or not this ad proves to be an effective campaign since press release was invented.

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